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Guy Changes Civilization

Guy Changes Civilization
    When a new and great idea comes into the world it will often simultaneously pop up in lots of different places. I assume that’s because something in the environment is triggering people to think of the same solutions.

    I’ve blogged a few times about the need to use the Internet more directly to influence policy debates. And now we have a 28-year old candidate for Congress, David Cole, who is doing just that, by putting his platform on popular software development site GitHub for public editing and debate.

    This is a bigger deal than you think because if “showing your work” online becomes the norm, how do lobbyists continue to ply their trade? It would be embarrassing for an elected official to vote in a way that is contrary to the “best” argument on his own website.

    I was just watching Niall Ferguson’s TV special, Civilization: The West and the Rest. (It’s GREAT, by the way.) He explains the factors that caused the West to rise to dominance. Summary: The West had better political and economic systems.

    But at the moment, we really don’t have the best political and economic system. I think that honor goes to China, at least in terms of projecting their economic dominance. And if you don’t buy the argument that China has a better system, at least you can agree that the American system of government is broken, mostly because of big money interests.

    David Cole might have just fixed that problem….and changed the course of civilization. Sorry, China. Nice try.

    I don’t know if Cole will get elected. But his approach got enough attention to become inevitable without him, primarily because it all makes perfect sense. So I’ll give him credit, should history every ask me.


    Scott Adams

    Co-founder of CalendarTree.com

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