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Hedging Your Bets on the God Hypothesis

Hedging Your Bets on the God Hypothesis

    Business Insider has a an interesting article on 22 surprising facts about Americans. Some of those facts sure surprised me. 

    For example, here are two bits from the same article.

    That sounds about right to me. Then add the other religions and you’re probably above 80%. Maybe as high as 90% according to other surveys I have seen.

    But in the same article we see this statistic.

    I’m no religious scholar, but I thought being “very confident in the existence of a supreme being” was a requirement for most religions in America. But according to these statistics, assuming I am reading them right, one can be a Christian without being 100% sold on the God part of it.

    By my reckoning, over a third of our citizens are wasting time with religions that will doom them to eternal Hell for their doubts alone. I might be heading there too, but at least my Sundays are free.

    Am I reading the statistics wrong? I’m baffled.


    In Top Tech Blog:

    – You know how I always go on about how great it would be to design an entire city from the ground up, using all we know today? (That is my long term plan, by the way.) It seems that technology will get us to the point where we can design an entire city in a computer simulation, walk through it using immersive 3D goggles, then print the entire city with 3D printers. See that possibility (if you use your imagination), and lots more 3D printer coolness, in this article.

    These readers have excellent taste in books.

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