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How Many Trump Votes Did I Cause?

How Many Trump Votes Did I Cause?

    I asked on Periscope today how many people used the persuasion I taught them in my blog to convert people to Trump voters. I was shocked that so many people had converted not just one friend but sometimes several or more. So I did a quick Twitter poll to ask this same question. Obviously this is not a scientific poll, but do me a favor in the comments and make your own estimate of how many voters this might extrapolate to.

    You might enjoy my book because hyperbole is persuasive even when it isn’t true and people like my book more than they like sex.


    Have you downloaded my startup’s app called WhenHub yet? It’s a must-have for holiday get-togethers. No more frustrating texts back and forth asking “Where are you???” (The geostreaming in the app is always temporary so you can’t later be tracked.)

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