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How to Schedule a Live Video Call with Scott Adams

How to Schedule a Live Video Call with Scott Adams

Great news:

Now you can easily add a live video call option to your website, the way I am doing in this blog post, so your audience can easily reach you on a video call for tech support, consulting, advice, or anything else. The Interface by Whenhub app (my startup) handles the billing for you, or you can set your price at zero.

Below is my customized video call button as an example. Click the image below to open the Interface by Whenhub app on your mobile device (if you have the app) or a browser that will do the same job as the app. If an expert (in this case me) is not available live, they can add some scheduling options within the app. (If you don’t see me as available, it means someone booked those spots.)

To add a live video call button option to your website or social media profile (including an option to schedule a call for later), follow these steps:

1. Download the free mobile app (Apple and Android) called Interface by Whenhub

2. In the app, create your “expert” profile. We use the word “expert” loosely. You can offer any service that involves talking to people and charging for your time. Assuming it is legal.

3. Once your profile is saved, use a browser to go to Whenhub.com and use the search box to find your profile you just created. Scroll down to see the HTML code to paste into your WordPress or other blogging software to create your customized button like mine, above. This is what you are looking for:

4. If you want an ordinary URL instead of a fancy customized button, use the same steps on whenhub.com to search for your profile and scroll down to find “Copy Profile Link” as shown above. Optionally, after you copy the link, you can shorten the long URL with bitly.com and paste it on your social media profiles or anywhere else you can put a link.

Users who click your link, or your customized button, will be directed to their Interface by Whenhub app if they already have it, or to a browser if they don’t, to connect via video. The caller and the expert do not see each other’s contact information.

Users who call experts do not need to have the Interface by Whenhub app. They will be connected via their browsers as if they had the app. Experts can use the mobile app or the browser on their computer to accept calls, but to use the browser, experts need to first download the browser app, which takes about half a minute. To do that, go to Whenhub.com and look for these buttons:

Experts can also use the DONATE button option provided by Whenhub.com to easily accept donations on their web pages. The process is the same as adding a live video call button. First you must set up an expert profile on the Interface by Whenhub mobile app. Then go to whenhub.com, search for your name, scroll down the page, and copy the DONATE button HTML code that will be specific to you. When published to your page, it will look like this:

When users click the DONATE button, the financial transaction is handled by Whenhub and flows into the bank account you set up when you created your expert profile in the Interface by Whenhub app. When users donate, they can include a message, and you will get an email confirmation with an anonymous link in case you want to reply or converse without sharing contact information.

WHEN Token Update

You might also be interested in owning the Whenhub crypto token that many experts on the app accept instead of cash. The token is called the WHEN, and while it is not an investment, it is likely to rise in value on exchanges if the Interface by Whenhub app grows its customer base. That’s because the total number of WHEN that can ever exist is capped, while the demand would increase if experts on the Interface by Whenhub app continue accepting it in payment. Tokens can be purchased easily by credit card here (see the Buy Tokens tab), or at floating prices on exchanges, such as hotbit.io.

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