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How to Stop that Hitler-like Deportation You Fear

How to Stop that Hitler-like Deportation You Fear

    In a prior post I suggested that if mass deportation of millions of people started to happen on American soil, I could employ some industrial-level persuasion to help stop it. (For new readers, I’m a trained hypnotist.)

    Here I’ll assume something terrible is happening along the lines of Hitler – families ripped apart, people beaten for no reason, that sort of thing. I’m not talking about normal, sane immigration policies (whether that exists, or you even want it to). Today I’m only talking about the pure Hitler stuff. The worst case scenario. The thing you fear the most. That’s the one I could stop. With your help, of course.

    So you probably wonder how. The claim is that one professionally trained “persuader” could stop the government’s Hitler-like roundup of illegal immigrants if things got ugly. What could one persuader say that kills a plan of that size and scope that is – by that imagined time – already in motion?

    This challenge isn’t as hard as it looks. Words aren’t the full solution this time. It turns out that American citizens have a legal right to own a defensive weapon. A lot of people already own one. I know many of my readers do. If the government comes into your neighborhood acting all Hitler-like, make sure you keep your weapon handy. (But please keep it locked so kids and crazy people can’t get to it.)

    In most situations I would recommend not shooting first. But in this case it seems warranted. If you see bad people from the government in your neighborhood, make some noise and wake up the rest of the neighbors. Tell them to grab their weapons and meet you outside where the trouble is going down. Then start shooting, from all angles, and don’t stop.

    If you don’t have a defensive weapon yet, and you don’t want to do your own research, I’ll show you a link to the one I own. It fits my hand well and does the job. Here’s what my weapon looks like: Link to weapon.

    The shooting alone isn’t enough. You also have to act polite while you do it. And I recommend telling the folks you are shooting that sometimes history is a bitch, and sometimes history makes you its bitch. 

    If anyone wants to be on the Hitler side of history, let them have their wish. This persuader thinks that in the connected world of social media (that effectively runs our government now) evil can only happen when the citizens have no evidence of it.

    That day is gone.

    Actually I guess you didn’t need me for this. You would have done exactly what I described. The part that might not be obvious is that it is enough to stop it. All you need to do is provide the 24-hour news cycle with unlimited footage of every scuffle from multiple angles. They will run every video until the public can think of nothing but their future shame.

    I could be wrong, but I think the Internet plus the news media’s business model gives the power to the people. The people just need to know how to use it. Now you do.

    But as I have predicted, I don’t think things will get to that level no matter who gets elected.

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