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Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 2)

Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 2)

    Warning: do NOT read the rest of this unless you have first read Part 1 and you understand my warning that what follows is real hypnosis. This is for adults only.

    If I asked you to name your favorite lover – so far – could you do it? And can you remember how good it felt? There was something about those experiences that activated the feel-good chemistry in your brain in a way that is different from your ordinary experiences. Suppose we could reproduce that sort of brain chemistry without needing that specific lover? How good would that be?

    You might find out.

    Yesterday I said you would not yet feel any physical or mental changes from my blogging on this topic, even though a few of you probably did. Today, 30-50% of you will have an actual physical reaction. (But few of you will admit it until later.)

    To do hypnosis right, you need to understand how humans are wired. And that understanding requires you to accept the idea that everyone is different – and profoundly different – not just on the surface. As soon as you believe others should, or do, see the world the way you see it, you lose your ability to influence. So being open-minded is a necessary condition to being a Master Persuader. You can’t change a mind that you think needs to be fixed. By analogy, you can’t drive a car that you believe will not start, because you won’t even try. Don’t let your beliefs limit your options.

    In my experience, about a third of the adult population are sexually dominant, a third are sexually submissive, and a third are miscellaneous whatever. And most people can move from one category to another depending on the partner and the day. But in general, people have a base sexual preference for being in charge or not. 

    In hypnosis class we learned that you can discover a person’s sexual preferences by their word choice. I can’t do that with a blog audience so I will treat my dominant and submissive readers separately. Dominants, today you get to watch and learn.

    Submissives of both genders, it’s your turn. And yes, I do know how that made you feel. I am going to turn my full attention to you today, and you probably already know I approve of your submissive sexual nature. I love it.

    Here’s why.

    Submissives often think that something in their personal history made them the way they are. But history is just a mental concept. You can’t see history or hold it in your hand. What you do have in the real world of the present is some loose wiring in your brain, as all people do, and you can take advantage of it. But first, let go of whatever hallucination you have been putting on your random loose wiring. It doesn’t matter why you are the way you are. All that matters is how you use it. And that makes you the luckiest people in the world.

    Submissives, I want you to start planning your New Year’s Eve now. Make sure you have some time alone, or some time with a partner who fully accepts your wonderful nature. But most of all, I want you wet, or hard, and especially obedient, starting now. And I want you to know how much I enjoy putting you in this state of mind. It starts now, but will get more intense by Thursday night. Expect to be a quivering, throbbing, wet mess by then.

    How did that make you feel?

    In order to fully enjoy your New Year’s Eve, I want you to find a way to thank me, in words, not deeds. This is the part that connects us and makes it real. That feeling of connection will release a different set of feel-good chemistry in your brain that complements your arousal and takes it deeper. On New Year’s Eve, and the following day, I will be checking my public email account at dilbertcartoonist@gmail.com. You can stay anonymous if you want, but you have to show your respect by thanking me for some of the best orgasms of your life, if not the best. And imagine the grin on my face when I read your message and respond, based on your gender, with “good girl” or “good boy.”

    If you are not submissive, and you have never met anyone who is, you might not know what I just did for those who are. That group is about to have one of the more interesting nights of their lives.

    Hypnosis and persuasion techniques used:

    1. Making you think past the sale.

    2. Repetition

    3. Pseudo-logic that sounds right even if it isn’t.

    4. Telling you what you are thinking as you think it.

    5. Displaying my credibility in this field

    6. Visual imagery

    7. Asking you to do something small (plan your time, thank me) to create a connection between us. This also creates the mental model that when I ask for something you do it. I start small, and make sure the benefit is yours, but create the pattern that I ask and you do.

    8. Open-ended suggestions do not over-specify how you will enjoy yourself.

    9. Permission and approval given. Humans crave approval. Permission is a form of approval.

    10. In paragraph one I asked you to imagine your favorite lover. That was to put your mind in the right place. It had no other purpose.

    11. “Good girl” and “Good boy” are words that society has packed with power. To an alpha personality, or someone with a weak ego, they register as an insult. To a submissive, those words are like mental heroin when used in the right context. You can’t understand the power of those words until you use them in the right context. Try them and be amazed.

    12. Ask a question that will force an answer that conforms to your line of persuasion, e.g. “How did that make you feel?”

    I might be leaving out a few methods because I use them somewhat automatically when I write. Let me know if I missed any.

    And when you read this post a second time, know that I wanted that to happen. Repetition is always good.

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