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I Give You the Gift of Time

I Give You the Gift of Time
    Today I share a small time-saving tip that I borrowed and upgraded.

    When you empty the trash cans in your home, you usually replace the plastic garbage bag at the same time. But where do you keep the extra bags? Do you have to remember to bring them to the trash can, or do you have to make a special trip to the closet to grab one?

    I noticed that professional cleaners cleverly leave a few extra bags on the bottom of the can, below the bag in service. The extras can’t be seen until you need them, and they take up no space.

    I borrowed that idea and improved on it. Instead of a few extra bags at the bottom of the can, I put an entire roll of bags down there. It takes up some space, but not nearly enough to be an issue. It adds some weight to the trash can, but not enough to matter.

    This is a minor time-saver at best, but life is full of little steps, and many of them can be more efficient. I like to chip away at the needless complexity of life with the hope of taming some of it in the long run.

    Do you have any small time-saving ideas to share? If I like your suggestions I’ll probably use them on a future post either here or on the CalendarTree blog.


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