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Icebergs and Droughts

Icebergs and Droughts
      Climate change is causing drought conditions in the United States. That’s bad.

      Climate change is causing giant killer icebergs to break free and eventually melt, thus raising ocean levels. That’s bad.

      The crackpot in me wonders if there’s some way to float those icebergs (made of fresh water) over to where the droughts are.

      You assume this idea is economically impractical. But keep in mind that your budget for getting it done is “trillions of dollars” because that’s how much the economy will lose if we do nothing. So if you think you need a million tugboats to move each giant iceberg, don’t assume that’s out of the budget.

      Ideally, you’d want to get those icebergs near the head end of a giant (wait for it) canal system that snakes through the drought-riddled United States. That way much of the iceberg water can be directed to the water tables below parched land before it reaches the warmer sea and raises sea level.

      What? You say that canal system would be too expensive? Remember you have trillions of dollars to work with now because the do-nothing alternative is more expensive.

      Let’s see some creativity, people. How can we get the fresh water out of those icebergs and into our sinks without raising sea levels?


      [Update: Thanks to HelloWorldo for this link to a plan for floating icebergs to Saudi Arabia.]

      Scott Adams

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