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Inappropriate Moments II

Inappropriate Moments II

    I had planned to read the reports of inappropriate witticisms that many of you submitted yesterday and put the best one in today’s post. It turns out that there is a problem with that plan: I really don’t want anyone to know which one of those stories made me laugh hardest.

    Somewhere in the darkest part of my mind there’s a little dark room. And inside that room is a closet. And inside the closet is a little box, covered with a wool blanket. That’s the place I plan to keep some of your stories, so I can laugh about them later without anyone knowing what a sick bastard I am.

    The second problem is that picking a winner would be impossible. There are so many side-splitters in the group that I declare you all winners in your own way.

    I have a theory that people who enjoy the darkest forms of humor don’t subscribe to superstition, or to conformity unless it has a purpose. That probably describes Dilbert Blog readers pretty well.

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