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Income Distribution Magic

Income Distribution Magic

    Suppose you could snap your fingers and instantly reduce the huge disparity in income distribution across the globe. Would you do it?

    Many of you will probably say yes. You’d take some of the “extra” money from the rich and use it to help the needy. But suppose I put one condition on this magic power of yours. Suppose the only thing you can do by magic is reduce by half the wealth of the top 1% while knowing the money would be transferred to no one. The money would simply cease to exist. The rich would have half as much, while everyone else remained the same. Would you use your powers then?

    I keep reading opinions that the gigantic gaps we see in income distributions are corrosive to a healthy society. If that’s the case, using your magic to screw the rich should be a good thing for the world – including the rich themselves – even if the poor are not directly helped at the same time.

    So how about it – Would you use your magic to screw the rich, thus reducing the gap in income distribution?

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