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iPhone Baby Application

iPhone Baby Application

    How long will it be before someone creates an application for the iPhone that has all of the advantages of a baby without the disadvantages? This would take the Tamagotchi concept (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamagotchi) a step farther.

    Imagine a cute little CGI baby’s face that fills the entire iPhone screen and is programmed to move like a real baby. You don’t see the rest of the baby, just the big face. If you touch your finger to the baby’s mouth, it starts sucking on it, essentially nursing. Its eyes would open and its little cheeks would start working.

    The motion sensing technology of the iPhone would let you do everything from burping to rocking. And you could have some sort of humorous animated diaper changing sequence.

    Obviously this application would be targeted at women. Thanks to evolution, most women get all gooey in the presence of a baby’s face. You could kick this concept up a notch by programming the application to create a baby that is the combination of the user and the mate of her choice, based on morphed photos. The baby could even age, learning to speak and interact at about the same pace that artificial intelligence evolves in the iPhone. In time the application would seem just like a real child.

    The best part of this idea is that someone is probably already working on it and will be pissed that it was described here before it launched.

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