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Is The Slippery Slope Real?

Is The Slippery Slope Real?

    Is the Slippery Slope argument EVER rational?

    One example of a slippery slope that I keep hearing is seat belt laws. Seat belts started out as optional equipment but eventually became mandatory.

    But that seems like a reasonable change. Are we afraid of reasonable changes?

    So I put the question to you. Please submit your examples of times when the slippery slope was real. Good examples of the Slippery Slope have this pattern:

    1. Starts off as a reasonable thing.

    2. Slips into an unreasonable thing

    Seat belt laws started reasonable and got even more reasonable when there was data on how many lives they saved. So that would not be a slippery slope case.

    What is?


    ———- In other news ————-

    Soon you will be able to diagnose some health issues with a camera. That’s why I plan to stop smiling for pictures. It would look weird to be smiling in a photo that shows I am on death’s door. That would be creepy.

    And what happens when all 7 billion humans have Internet access and form a godlike mind? Will we become a new species with the Internet as our central nervous system? I think I wrote that book.


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