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Leopard Bike

Leopard Bike

    When a leopard runs, it launches off its two back legs, lands with its two front legs, waits for the back legs to catch up to the front, and repeats. The power comes from the back legs. I wonder if you could create a bicycle that uses run-like-a-cat action.

    I used to have a recurring dream about running like a cat. In my dream, gravity was weak, or perhaps my cat-person muscles were extra strong. But it in any case, it seemed effortless. There was something natural and awesome about being able to run in that fashion. I’d love to ride a bike that emulates a cat’s running motion, but perhaps less parallel to the ground, for visibility reasons.

    My back legs would be doing most of the work, pushing off together, and operating the back wheel of this hypothetical bike. My arms would power the front wheel, and it would be geared differently than the back wheel so that my arms don’t travel as far, or work as hard, as my legs.

    For long bike rides, current bike designs might be the best. But for a full body exercise that is more fun to ride, and doesn’t require you to shove a seat up your anus, I might prefer the leopard-inspired bike. My hypothesis is that running like a leopard would be a more satisfying form of exercise than normal biking.

    Does someone already make such a thing?

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