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Man Cave Rentals and Stuff

Man Cave Rentals and Stuff

    I wonder if there will ever be a business that rents “man caves” for guys who just need to get away from the house. I imagine these man caves to be about the size of a small storage unit and infinitely customizable. You’d have your big screen TV and Internet connections, of course. Beyond that, you can customize it with beer on tap, video games, moose heads, and whatever else your guy-brain desires. The basic items, such as seating and the large screen TV, would be directly provided and installed by the operators. But you could bring in your own furniture and finishes too.

    I would think $200 per month would be the right price for this little paradise away from home.

    Along a similar vein, I wonder if there will ever be a business that offers “artist condos” in a large shared space. I’m seeing this as a large open space with plenty of sunlight and views, with each rented area delineated by short walls. Each renter would have a storage locker for valuables, but items such as easels would stay in place. Security cameras and a security guard at the door would keep things safe.

    I can imagine a coffee shop in the middle of the chaos. Everyone would be doing their own art thing – from quilting to sculpting to painting to whatever – and meeting near the coffee shop for social time.

    While I’m at it, I also have in mind the perfect bedroom design for a young boy. Imagine a rectangle with the door on one short side and a bed on the far end. The bed would be raised like the top of a bunk bed, with a desk area below.

    On the two longer walls, I’d put ground-level car seats (or booth seats) facing each other. Directly above both seats would be flat screen TVs. While gaming, you would be facing your friend(s) and looking at the screen above their heads. They would be doing the same. I see a two-seat bench on each side. The TVs might need to be slightly angled down to make the viewing work.

    I’d also add accent lights along the ceiling because small spaces benefit a great deal from the right lighting. And of course you’d have a good speaker system in the room.

    I’d also build into the room some way for the lights and music to be controlled from the kitchen, so mom and dad can summon the kid away from his distractions. Just push a button and the lights blink and the music stops, so the kid knows it is time for dinner.

    Those are my random ideas for today.

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