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Master Persuader Scorecard Update – Clinton Top?

Master Persuader Scorecard Update – Clinton Top?

    On December 13th I used the Master Persuader filter to predict that Clinton had topped in the polls compared to Trump and would start drifting down.

    The latest national poll shows Trump and Clinton in a near statistical tie for the general election.

    One poll is not credible on its own, but it is consistent with prediction.

    So far, the Master Persuader filter has accurately predicted…

    – Trump’s “inexplicable” rise in the polls (I predicted it in August)

    – The Jeb Bush top (because “low energy” – everyone knows now that the linguistic kill shot worked, but I predicted it first)

    – The Fiorina top (after she paired her own image with a dead baby)

    – The Carson top (after Trump did his famous belt-buckle speech)

    – The Clinton top (after Trump noted how many women her policies have allegedly killed)

    So far, I have made no wrong predictions under this filter. And keep in mind that I am not simply making yes/no predictions; I’m predicting when as well. Much harder.

    Keep in mind that smart people are still favoring what I call the Lucky Hitler explanation of Trump’s success. Under that filter, Trump is just loud, and racist, and in the right place at the right time. Can’t rule out that explanation yet. I don’t know what is in the man’s head. 

    Also keep in mind that all of this is for entertainment. I don’t endorse Trump or anyone else.

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