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Master Persuader Scorecard (Update Jan 4)

Master Persuader Scorecard (Update Jan 4)

    On December 4th, 2015 I predicted that Michael Moore’s “We are all Muslim” movement would not spread far beyond the faint gravitational field around his own body. I haven’t heard much about it lately.

    How do you score that one, readers? (I know, that was an easy one.)

    On December 7th I predicted that Trump would A-B test a new Clinton linguistic kill shot that speaks to Iowa’s conservative base. As readers pointed out, he was already going at her hard, so this would not be a new thing. But I was waiting for something darker and more delicious. And then it came: He started calling Bill Clinton a “degenerate.” Notice how open-ended it is, by design. Your imagination automatically populates that word with all manner of crimes against nature. That is persuasion perfection.

    And that’s your Iowa kill shot. But as I predicted, he is only A-B testing it. Iowa isn’t crucial. And Trump isn’t running directly against H. Clinton in Iowa, but going at her so hard might be enough to make him look like the one to beat her.

    How do you score those two predictions? I’m on the fence. 

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