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Master Persuasion Hypothesis – (Try this one at home)

Master Persuasion Hypothesis – (Try this one at home)

    Here I will paraphrase the latest Trump/Clinton exchange:

    H. Clinton: “Terrorists are using Trump in recruitment videos.”

    D. Trump: “Of course they go after the person with a HUUUUGE lead in the polls. I predict they will make more.”

    See what he did there?

    Step One: Reframe the situation as validation of Trump being ahead in the polls. Every time he finds a new way to talk about his lead it becomes self-reinforcing. People like winners.

    Step Two: Predict MORE videos! That’s a tell for a Master Persuader. It handcuffs whoever makes these videos by making it a validation of his predictive abilities (which he touts).

    Step Three: If more videos appear, reframe them as clear evidence of who they fear the most.

    Step three hasn’t yet happened, as far as I know.

    Now the radical Islamic terrorist propaganda people have a dilemma, assuming they pay attention to this situation, and they probably do. If they make another Trump video, he uses it as a sign of his strength and predicting power. Doh! A trap!

    But if they make the next one about Clinton instead, Trump already removed her reframing option by claiming it for himself. She will be left to wallow in the ISIS video stew she cooked up for Trump.

    In other words, while you weren’t paying attention, Trump coopted ISIS to become the video production wing of his campaign, at no cost to him. 

    I assume he’ll kill them when he’s done with him.

    Because that’s how Lucky Hitler rolls.

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