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Master Wizard Filter on the Democratic Debate

Master Wizard Filter on the Democratic Debate

    The Washington Post’s Stephen Stromberg says Hillary Clinton won the first Democratic debate with her line about being a progressive who likes to get things done. Personally, that line didn’t register with me at all. It has no visual or emotional content. The Master Wizard filter says that line was irrelevant.

    According to the Master Wizard filter, the moment Hillary Clinton eliminated her chance of winning in the general election was by repeatedly saying a big part of her appeal is her gender.

    Did President Obama ever say he should get elected because he is black? No. It would have cost him the election. 

    It appears that CNN can’t report on that career-ending gaffe because it goes against the CNN narrative that the Democrats are talking substance and the Republicans are doing name-calling. CNN pundits are calling Clinton’s gender play a good move.

    Update: In the field of persuasion, the name for Clinton’s mistake is called “selling past the close.” One assumes that her gender had already made all the impact on voters it was likely to make. The sale was already closed. Reopening a closed sale can only give the buyer a new reason to say no. That reason was provided when Clinton suggested her gender was a selling point FOR A FUCKING JOB.

    I like to make predictions using the Master Wizard Hypothesis so you can hold me to them. I predict that Clinton’s poll numbers (for the general election versus Trump) will start dropping after a post-debate uptick, and never recover. The consensus prediction by others is that her debate was strong, and should keep Biden out of the race as she cruises to nomination victory and then the presidency.

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