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Maybe it’s Me

Maybe it’s Me

    The fascinating thing about being batshit crazy is that often you’re the only one who isn’t aware of it. That’s why I sometimes like to take a step back and seriously consider the hypothesis that the reason people disagree with me is that I’m an idiot and I don’t realize it.

    To that end, I would like to invite some experts to render their opinions of my sanity, based on my interviews with my detractors, below. Any of the following professionals would qualify:



    Debate coach/teacher

    Logic professor

    Psychologist (professional)


    If you have an expertise that seems relevant, please read my original offending blog post, Pegs and Holes, and the interviews directly below with Irin Carmon and MaryElizabeth Williams. Give each of us an overall grade that is relevant to your particular expertise. If you’re a judge, issue a verdict. If you’re a scientist, let me know who had the best grasp of the objective facts. If you’re a debate expert, let me know who “won” the debate. If you’re a psychologist, let me know who is suffering from cognitive issues.

    Please describe your qualifications and your (brief) evaluation in the comments below. Please also specify your gender, since we would expect some bias in that regard.

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