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Measuring the Disenfranchised

Measuring the Disenfranchised

    There are still some things I don’t know how to Google. For example, I’d like to know which political groups are getting the LEAST of what they are demanding.

    Obviously poor people get screwed under every scenario. But what about Latinos, African-Americans, LGBT folks, seniors, white males, and women? How are each of those groups doing in terms of getting what their majority wants in the political realm?

    Can you fill in the blanks? All I need are the issues that a majority of any American demographic group favors but has so far been denied by the larger majority of voters or law-makers.

    Feel free to add any other disenfranchised groups you think should be included.

    Who are the big losers (other than the poor) in our political system?

    Update: I’m seeing comments about gun ownership, middle class folks, and even top 1%ers, but those don’t count because you can change your membership in those situations. I’m talking about the cards you were dealt at birth, such as gender, ethnicity, etc.

    Native Americans are also mentioned in the comments. But I don’t see reference to a particular issue that the majority in that demographic group favor, other than “give back the country.”

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