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Medical Records and Tax Returns

Medical Records and Tax Returns

    As voters, we would like to see the medical records and tax returns of our candidates for president. But that would be a violation of their privacy to such a degree that it would discourage talented people from public service in the future.

    So how about a compromise?

    I suggest that a three-person panel of doctors look at each candidate’s health records and report to the public only the items that all three doctors believe to be materially important to the health of the president. We don’t need to know about their acid reflux, their hives, or their toe fungus. That stuff should stay private. But if all three doctors agree that a health problem has a big risk factor, they tell the public.

    If the doctors disagree on the importance of a particular item, the candidate has the option of allowing that item’s release or knowing there is a dissenting opinion on his/her health record. It isn’t a perfect system, but it seems better than what we have.

    For taxes, a three-person group of accountants could look at each candidate’s tax returns and report to us only the things that would be of material importance to the job of being president. We don’t need to know their income or their charitable deductions. And the IRS will decide if laws are broken. I’m not sure what other types of issues one might find on tax returns, but the accountants can help us with that.

    This idea is less-than-half-baked, but it seems to me we can solve the problem of maintaining reasonable privacy for the candidates while satisfying the public good. Any new system would have its own problems, but I think we can do better than the current situation.

    Because this should scare you: http://www.infowars.com/dr-drew-gravely-concerned-about-hillary-clintons-health/

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