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Men: Confess Your Support for Hillary Clinton

Men: Confess Your Support for Hillary Clinton

    I had a strange realization this morning: I have never had a private conversation with an American man who said he would vote for Hillary Clinton for president. And most of my friends and business acquaintances are liberal.

    In personal conversations, men often tell me they support Trump or Sanders or Cruz. But no man has ever looked me in the eyes and said he would vote for the candidate who believes – and actually says out loud – that men are less capable than women.

    I realize there are plenty of good reasons to vote for the presumptive Democratic candidate for President. But it seems a bit odd that I haven’t encountered even one male supporter of Clinton in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not one.

    Is that a coincidence or something else?

    So I put it to my readers. I don’t want to hear any third-party stories about your co-workers or your brother-in-law. I am only looking for a man who will say in a simple declarative way the following:

    1. I plan to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    2. I am aware of her comments about men being less capable than women.

    That’s all I am looking for. I don’t want to hear about your love of Sanders or your wish that “someone else” will run. All I want to know is whether there exists a human male American who has already decided to vote for Hillary Clinton if she makes it to the general election.

    Do you exist? Let’s see in the comments.

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