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Modern Censorship

Modern Censorship

    Today’s lack of a blog post is brought to you by Gawker.com, Jezebel.com, and Huffingtonpost.com. I wrote a long and fascinating post this morning but realized it was too easy to take it out of context, and I didn’t want to spend my entire week dealing with the Internet fallout.

    So you won’t ever see that post. But I have to say, it was some of my best work. That’s what made it dangerous.
    As a case in point, see what the Huffington Post had to say about my recent post on stock market manipulation. Their headline is “Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Is On To You, Massive Telepathic Stock Market Conspiracy.” In this case the commenters shredded the asshole who wrote it because it was such a pathetic hit piece. I made some comments of my own just for fun. This time it worked out well for me, but normally this sort of thing goes the other way.

    This is what censorship looks like in 2013. I actually had something useful to say today but I can’t be bothered with the blowback. It’s not that I mind a good dust-up, because I normally enjoy the attention. But I choose to put my energy someplace else at the moment for purely practical reasons. The effect is similar to censorship.

    It probably isn’t a good thing.

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