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Most Problems are Information Problems

Most Problems are Information Problems

    I have a hypothesis that nearly all solvable problems in the modern world are information problems in disguise. For example, unemployment is largely (but not entirely) a problem of people not knowing where to find jobs, as opposed to no jobs existing. I could give you lots of other examples where information would solve a major problem, but today I want to focus on one: Stopping terrorism.

    Terrorism is an information problem in the sense that if we knew where to find the terrorists, we could stop them. But it is also an information problem in a few other ways. Take this example:


    Imagine having the information about which Imams in Britain WOULD do a funeral prayer for a terrorist who murdered British citizens. Call me an optimist, but I think that information would help the British public sort things out.

    We’re almost there.

    You might enjoy reading my book because most problems are information problems.

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