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Movie Persuasion Recommendations

Movie Persuasion Recommendations

    If you have been following my Master Persuader series, and you want to learn more about persuasion by watching great movies, I give you two suggestions.

    Spotlight: This movie is about The Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic Church’s pattern of protecting priests accused of molesting children. The persuasion angle is watching how all of the characters (taken from real life) rationalize their behaviors. It is also a terrific movie in its own right.

    The Big Short: This movie is about the few people who saw the financial market meltdown of 2009 before it happened and couldn’t convince other “experts” that the signs were there. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

    I resisted watching The Big Short because I heard that Steve Carrell played a character that is a jerk with anger issues. I didn’t think that would work. But he totally nails it. Great movie.

    Collectively, those movies show you that large organizations filled with smart people are generally corrupt whenever the stakes are high, the odds of getting caught are low, and the opportunity exists. 

    That’s how you know the caucuses and primaries are probably rigged to some extent. If they are not rigged at all – even a little – it might be the only time in human history that there was opportunity, a big upside, low odds of detection, and yet no foul play. 

    So that’s your red line between conspiracy theory and gullibility. 

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