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My Skeptical Journey

My Skeptical Journey
    A rational mind needs regular maintenance. One of the maintenance systems I employ is to remind myself of things I used to be sure about and later discovered to be untrue. I started a list organized by the approximate ages at which I realized my errors. A healthy rational mind needs regular doses of humility. (I might need more humility than most people.)

    Here is the approximate age at which I stopped believing in different stuff.

    Age 8

    Santa Claus
    Tooth Fairy
    Easter Bunny

    Age 11

    Money isn’t important for happiness


    People are mostly rational
    Unquestioned patriotism is a good thing
    Any college is as good as any other
    Memories are generally accurate
    Looks don’t matter
    Wealth doesn’t make you more attractive
    Gay is a choice
    Alcoholism is a choice


    School reputation doesn’t matter
    History as taught in school is generally accurate
    You can do anything you set your mind to
    Flying saucers are visiting on a regular basis
    Hard work is almost always rewarded
    Some men don’t enjoy porn
    Individuals can pick good stocks if they do research
    Management is a science


    Food pyramid
    Vitamin supplements are backed by science
    Free will
    Solving your problems can bring you lasting happiness

    Age 50

    Common sense exists (as opposed to experience)
    Drink eight glasses of water a day
    Exercising is a big help for losing weight
    A calorie is a calorie
    Don’t swim soon after eating
    Wash hands with hot water to kill germs
    Marijuana is bad for adult health (Note: still probably bad for kids)
    Stretching helps athletic performance
    Humans are more likely to be real than artificial/software
    Everyone will die
    The government isn’t controlled by big money
    The stock market is mostly legitimate

    You can probably suggest a few things to add to my list.


    Link to my book: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

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