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My Suggestion for a National “Dashboard” for Tracking Progress

My Suggestion for a National “Dashboard” for Tracking Progress
    After years of trying, I think I came up with an idea that nearly 100% of people would agree is a good one. Rare!

    The idea is to create a national “dashboard” for citizens to track the progress of government. Imagine a website with a bunch of small graphs on it for each element of national interest, from gun deaths, to national debt, to stock market performance, to the number of people covered by health insurance, and more. Click any graph to see more information, including the legislation in the pipeline to address that area.

    I’m imagining some semi-independent group managing the site, but the figures would mostly be generated by the government.

    If you want to make something better, you have to measure where you are and how you are trending. Measurement is a base idea behind all management theory. The government already measures lots of stuff, but citizens don’t see it gathered in one place for an overall picture. And you can’t allocate resources until you see how all the topics are doing, because resources are limited. Every expenditure comes at the cost of not spending the same dollars elsewhere. A national dashboard would let everyone see the problem areas at the same time and in the same way.

    I talk about this idea on Periscope here.

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