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    I am not what you would call outdoorsy. If I wanted anything that was outdoors, I’d hire someone to bring it inside where civilization lives. I like my shirts ironed and my plants made of plastic. If I have to go outside, I put on so much sunscreen it forms an encounter suit. I’m fully protected from all contact with nature unless an industrious mosquito tries to penetrate my hull. They usually give up in an hour or two.

    Anyway, on my recent trip to Branson, we were staying at a hotel with both an indoor and an outdoor pool and spa. You already know which one I used. As I sat in the hot tub, inside the air conditioned building, I realized I was a full two layers away from nature, and I liked it. The air conditioning protected me from the heat outside, and the warm water of the hot tub protected me from the air conditioning. In time, the hot tub became too hot, and I wished I had some sort of thermos suit I could wear to take the edge off.

    It’s probably a coincidence, but on the way to the airport the next day I was nearly struck by lightning. It looked like a warning shot, but I’m going to call it a coincidence.

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