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Nerd Pickup Lines

Nerd Pickup Lines

    Europe’s Large Hadron Collider just fired up. It’s a $10 billion particle accelerator designed to probe the mysteries of the universe. I think it is worth the money if we can find just one unicorn. But I would also settle for an elf, or free will, or Jimmy Hoffa’s body. I’m just saying I’m not fussy when it comes to discovering stuff.

    The downside of this project is the small chance it will create a black hole and annihilate the galaxy. It will take months for the machine to be fully functional, and during that time it gives nerds the ultimate seduction opportunity. It’s the classic end-of-the-world gambit, as in “The universe could end any moment. Do you really want to take the chance of waiting another ten minutes to find a more suitable partner?”

    Obviously this scheme depends on finding a potential lover who isn’t good at physics and doesn’t read much, also known as “the best kind.”

    As a public service to my readers, allow me to rule out some pickup lines suggested by the particle accelerator that are unlikely to be effective. For example, avoid any version of these:

    “Let’s make like particles and collide.”

    “Have you heard of the Big Bang theory?”

    “Once you’ve had dark matter, you’ll never get fatter.”

    “You’d better jump me now. The last time I was available a quark lepton.”

    “I like your bosons.”

    “Want to come back to my tunnel and see my Hadron Collider? It’s huge.”

    Any one of those lines will make your potential lover prefer annihilation.

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