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New Olympic Event

New Olympic Event

    I have often said that training your kid for the Olympics is a form of child abuse because it is such a waste of time and talent. Especially if you don’t win. Training for the Olympics is a good example of not following the odds.

    But apparently things CAN get worse, at least for the athletes that will be swimming in the rivers in Rio that are equal parts poop and water.

    If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.

    I have this image of the TV network that covers the Olympics going to commercial break, everyone in Rio uses the bathroom, and the simultaneous flushing causes a river wave that sweeps the competitors out to the ocean.

    I have said enough.


    Meanwhile, on Top Tech Blog

    Okay, here’s what I want to see.

    I want this camera mounted on the bottom of a drone. And I want to watch the video it produces in a round room that is surrounded by those new curved TVs, as if I am sitting in a cockpit of a moving aircraft. That way I can take a tour all around Paris, for example, steering as I please.

    That’s how I want to travel.

    In the long run, that’s also how I want to learn. I want to be immersed in a topic via CGI and video. I want to be on the battlefield with Napolean. I want to watch evolution in fast-forward as if viewed from a time machine. I want to learn math by being inside it. In other words, I want an immersive learning room along with lots of content.

    I figure that will come just before the holodeck.

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