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North Korea is an Information Problem Disguised as a Military Problem

North Korea is an Information Problem Disguised as a Military Problem

    In the year 2017, most of our national problems are information problems. And by that I mean having the right information would allow us to solve most problems.

    Consider the nuclear threat from North Korea. That’s an information problem disguised as a military problem. 

    I hope that statement seems wrong to you, so you will be extra-impressed when I change your mind in the next hundred seconds.

    If the U.S. government tries to strongarm China to control North Korea’s nuclear program, that might cause more problems than it solves. No one likes a government-to-government confrontation of that type. China would have to push back. It could get ugly fast.

    But imagine what would happen if American consumers knew which American companies were doing the most business with China. 

    And imagine American consumers understanding that China can turn off the economy of North Korea, like a switch, any time it wants, thus controlling North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

    Now connect the dots.

    If you treat the North Korean nuclear threat as a military problem, it becomes one. If you treat it as an information problem, with an economic variable, it becomes that instead.

    I’m in favor of my government trying to negotiate an agreement with China, Russia, and North Korea. But if our leaders can’t get it done, I ask the government to get out of the way. Citizens can take care of this one directly.

    All we need is some information.

    I think that took me less than a hundred seconds. 

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