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Now It’s a Fair Fight

Now It’s a Fair Fight

    It appears that the Clinton campaign has wisely decided to abandon its claim to reason, facts, and other losing strategies, and go “full fear” as their persuasion theme. The idea is that pairing Trump with nuclear war will make him unelectable.

    That could work!

    Fear is a strong motivator. It is even stronger than Make America Great, because fear generally tops opportunity in our emotional priorities. If Clinton turns up the fear-o-meter to maximum, that’s all anyone will remember.

    The downside of using fear as a campaign theme is that it might inspire more street violence, as we saw yesterday against Trump supporters. That isn’t a good visual to have in the public eye, especially when some of the anti-Trumpers are waving Mexican flags. 

    Still, this marks a new and more effective phase of the Clinton campaign. Now we have a real fight. Clinton had to become Donald Trump to pull it off, but that’s a small price to pay for victory.

    Clinton’s “thin-skinned” insult for Trump is a solid Linguistic Kill Shot. And it’s the first weapons-grade language I have seen from their camp.

    Looks like they got a new advisor. It isn’t me. Apparently my $2.5 billion price tag was too high.

    In other news, Clinton’s social media people obviously hate her because this keeps happening. (Keyword = yet)

    Blah, blah, my book.

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