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Now that I have your attention…

Now that I have your attention…

    As expected, I got all the bottom-feeder traffic from Gawker and the rest of the Outragist sewer system streaming over to this blog today. So I think we’re ready for tomorrow’s topic, which will be the start of the Rationality Engine process to explore whether the United States is still a patriarchy or whether it has morphed into a matriarchy that pretends to be a patriarchy.

    I’ve been asked to explain my views. And so I will, with your help.

    And you thought Thanksgiving would be boring.

    Feel free to seed the comments here with how you see the power structure in the United States in 2015. Who has the power in what domains? Here we will include the domains of money, careers, access to resources, political power, media control, social power, family power, and any other power.

    But remember that the patriarchy/matriarchy question is about power, not insult. And it is not about who is happier or who has a better deal in life. Nor is it about who would switch sides if they could. It is only about who gets to decide the big questions.

    So focus on power only. Who makes the decisions in each domain?

    I don’t know how it will all shake out. Should be interesting.

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