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Obama – Greatest President Ever

Obama – Greatest President Ever
    Okay, now that I have your attention. I don’t think President Obama is likely to do anything especially brilliant or visionary while in office, and yet he might someday be viewed as the greatest president ever. He has the advantage of incredibly lucky timing. Examples…

    The economy is likely to be better at the end of his presidency than the beginning. Presidents get credit for that sort of thing even though they rarely deserve it.

    Whatever gets passed in terms of healthcare is likely to be considered a success someday, even if better ideas are left on the table. What people will notice is that more people are covered. Everyone seems to agree that the timing is right for that, and Democrats have the votes.

    Every day makes it more likely that Bin Laden will be caught or killed, which will make our increased presence in Afghanistan look like a brilliant idea. The military has seven more years to get that done, and more drones are in the sky every day.

    Iraq is winding down, and no obvious new wars are on the horizon.

    Thanks to recent run ups in oil prices, there’s a good chance we’ll see major breakthroughs in alternative energy technology. That helps on every front.

    And of course, having Obama as president is a huge bonus in how America is viewed, and how Americans view each other. Those benefits come just from showing up, being African American, not being a jerk, and not making any huge mistakes.

    Greatness is mostly timing, which is mostly luck.

    I know many of you will weigh in with all the mistakes Obama has made, or will made. But I don’t think any of that will change how history views his presidency.

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