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Off to Jury Duty

Off to Jury Duty

    I’m reporting for jury duty selection this morning. I have served a few times, and I recommend it to any citizen who has the opportunity. The experience does a good job of getting you invested in the system, and it makes you appreciate your country a bit more when you see your fellow citizens taking it seriously, which in my experience people do.

    But I’m not expecting to serve this time. I will disclose that I’m a trained hypnotist and see what happens. I can’t imagine a lawyer wanting me on a jury. Seems like a good excuse for an appeal if the defendant is found guilty.

    It isn’t much of an exaggeration to say the other eleven jurors will be nearly irrelevant if you put me in a quiet room with them and give me several hours of deliberation time. And this is one of those rare cases where I would go full-out on persuasion if I thought a person’s future was involved and I was confident in my opinion. It would feel wrong to do otherwise.

    Hypnosis isn’t magic, so I wouldn’t be able to influence crazy people, for example. But the lawyers probably do a good job of filtering out the craziest of the crazies.

    Hypnosis and persuasion work best in a controlled environment over time. Jury deliberation is exactly that. And I believe the law requires me to press my point of view with my fellow deliberators, so long as it is honest.

    What is your bet? Does a hypnotist get on a jury, or will this defendant get a trial by his “peer”?

    A quick Google search turned up nothing.

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