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Open Letter to the LRC Community

Open Letter to the LRC Community
    Update: A writer for Jezebel has accepted my offer. Look for updates as they happen.

    Lately I have been getting many complaints about this blog from the LRC (Low Reading Comprehension) Community, mostly on my Pegs and Holes post from last week. Here’s a sampling.

     Huffington Post





    I’d like to offer an opportunity to one of the writers at Salon, Huffington Post, Jezebel, Mediate, or Mediabistro. Allow me to interview you, by email, for this blog, on the topic of why you so vehemently disagree with your hallucination of my opinion. (Fair warning: It won’t work out well for you.)

    If you would like to be the chosen one, leave a comment below describing your qualifications. Or email me directly at dilbertcartoonist@gmail.com.

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