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Persuader Fingerprints

Persuader Fingerprints

    For regular readers of this blog only, see if you can find a persuader’s fingerprints in this video clip (or the text below it). Then tell me who the persuader is.

    You’re looking for a one-word tell.

    See it?

    Update: For the answer, look for the uncommon word in the title at this link. Then ask yourself if you have ever before heard that word used in an election analysis. I can’t rule out coincidence, obviously. But that observation would also be true of my last 12 accurate predictions under the Master Persuader filter. So view this in context. This is the sort of tell you would expect to see – with a lot more to come – but I agree with you in advance when you say this one example could be explained by coincidence.

    Remember, the Master Persuader filter is for entertainment. That’s the context.

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