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Pick a Topic

Pick a Topic

    I blog on a variety of topics. I’m wondering which ones interest you the most.

    1.      Future (robots, technology, healthcare, etc.)

    2.      New business ideas (apps, inventions, services)

    3.      Management bullshit

    4.      Success tricks and tips

    5.      Personal health

    6.      Psychology (hypnosis, cognitive bias, illusions, affirmations)

    7.      Politics

    8.      World events

    9.      The startup I’m working on

    10.  Humor (silly stories usually about my life)

    11.  Metaphysics (hologram reality, religion, meaning of life)

    I ask because I usually hear “stop doing that” more than I hear “do more of that” so I have an imbalanced idea of what people prefer.

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