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Politico Tries to Trump Me on “The Turn”

Politico Tries to Trump Me on “The Turn”

    Here’s a headline on Politico today, followed by a snippet from my post a day earlier. Check the dates and tell me where you “saw it first.” The Master Persuader scorecard keeps improving. Is it 12-for-12?

    If you want to read about the future, this blog is the only place to do it. But if you want to catch up on the older news, the rest of the world has that covered.

    Here’s another head-spinner for you: Did you notice that the Trump is Hitler meme went from ubiquitous on the Internet to nearly nothing rather suddenly?

    Regular readers probably noticed that I engineered a kill shot for the Hitler meme on December 16th. I called it “The Lucky Hitler Hypothesis.” I was curious whether I could kill the annoying meme (because it wasn’t helping anyone) on my own, sort of as an experiment. I can’t claim credit because Trump’s string of poll successes plus the immigrant stories out of Europe might have been enough to kill the meme on its own. Or maybe it just ran its course. All I know for sure is that I engineered a kill shot for the meme and it died on schedule. But that could be coincidence.

    I didn’t make a prediction about that kill shot, as it would have influenced the result, so I won’t count it on the Master Persuader scorecard. But many of you noticed it was an engineered kill shot (because you recognize them now) and noted it in the comments.

    Is this spooky yet?

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