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    I like problems. Where there are problems there are opportunities. I don’t think it can work any other way. No one wishes for problems, but when a bus goes into a ravine, the undertaker gets more business. That’s just the way the world is wired.

    I credit the problems I had in the corporate world for my cartooning career. Had my path been smoother I wouldn’t have tried something new. And I wouldn’t have had so much fodder to work with.

    Tell me your career-related problems. I will happily translate those problems into Dilbert’s world, thus transforming your problems into your entertainment. If you can’t solve a problem, the next best thing is to squeeze some laughs out of it.

    Please answer any one of these…

    What problem does your company’s product try to solve?

    What is the biggest problem for people in your profession?

    What is the biggest problem in your industry?

    What is the biggest problem/constraint in your current project?


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