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Putting Things in Perspective

Putting Things in Perspective

    In 2015 I showed you the future. Literally. Then I topped it off by giving thousands of you the best orgasms of your lives. Again, literally.

    My book that speaks of the Moist Robot hypothesis – the underlying concept that explains how the feats describe above are possible – has been out long enough (published 2013) that people can now report back to me how the book helped them.

    According to readers, it is changing lives in a big way, just as it was designed to do.

    I am getting reports of massive weight loss, promotions, better health, improved diet, higher energy, and more. You can see the readers’ reactions to the book in the the 5-star reviews, and apparently that translated into results. I expected these good results, obviously, but I knew my credibility (because cartoonist) would be capped until word-of-mouth started kicking in. That phase has begun.

    The genie is out of the bottle. Buckle up. You won’t believe the show you’re going to see this year. This was just the appetizer.

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