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Ranking the Best Political Pundits of 2015

Ranking the Best Political Pundits of 2015

    As regular readers know, 100% of my political predictions for 2015 were correct, thanks to the Master Persuader filter. For example, I predicted…

    1. Trump would gain popularity and win the nomination, not fizzle as every other pundit predicted. (I predicted it in August, based on his skill set. So far, so good.)

    2. The Jeb Bush “low energy” kill shot would end Bush. (First to predict it.)

    3. The Fiorina top in her poll numbers (after she paired her own image with a dead baby)

    4. The Carson top in his poll numbers (after Trump did his famous belt-buckle speech)

    5. The Clinton top in her poll numbers (after Trump noted how many women her policies have allegedly killed)

    6. Trump’s “nice guy” move that involved going into a crowd to personally help a wounded warrior with the Veteran’s system.

    7. You will start to see Freudian slips in the media calling Trump “President Trump.” And so we have.

    8. My 3D predictions – no matter how accurate – will be ignored by the standard 2D media. Check! 

    9. [Update] My prediction months ago that Trump’s persuasion skills would set off a swarm of competing (and wrong) explanations for why Trump is defying expectations. This is a classic “tell” for cognitive dissonance on a mass scale, which is what we are seeing. That is the fingerprint of a Master Persuader. Here’s the latest explanation, for Trump’s success – that he’s a narcissist addicted to social media pellets, or something.

    By this time of the year you would expect a list of “Best Political Pundits of 2015″ to pop up somewhere. Try a Google search and discover that it doesn’t exist, because if it did, the only name on it would be mine, and that can’t happen in the 2D world. That would be like stock brokers admitting that index funds are a better bet.

    As I hinted in a prior post, Trump isn’t just changing politics. He is changing our understanding of reality by brushing aside the illusion that humans use reason to make important decisions. This extends well beyond politics.

    To put a size on Trump’s skill level, I believe that as president he could depose a foreign leader with words alone. It would not work in all cases. But his skill set in persuasion is, in my opinion, weapons grade. I have never seen that level of skill. Luckily, he has a history of opposing unnecessary wars. I can’t think of a better way to prevent a war than removing a dictator with words alone.

    I remind new readers that I do not endorse Trump or anyone else for president. I’m not smart enough to know who would do the best job. All the candidates look qualified to me, assuming their health holds out.

    But I am a certified hypnotist with decades of study in the field of persuasion. My predictions are based on my knowledge of that skillset and the recognition that Trump has mastered those tools. (He says so often when speaking of his negotiating skills and how he “knows psychology.”) In other words, I see that Trump is bringing a flamethrower to a stick fight, but most of you only see a stick in his hand and a lot of random, rude behavior. I can tell you with certainty that none of it is random. 

    Prediction is easy once you see the flamethrower.

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