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Reading Comprehension Test

Reading Comprehension Test

    Here’s a reading comprehension test for readers of Salon, Jezebel, and Change.org. (I borrowed this idea from a comment.)

    Reading Comprehension Test:


    If I say all men have a natural urge to eat, and some men are cannibals, have I implied that all men are natural cannibals? Did I condone the practice of eating people?





    [Note: Readers of The Huffington Post are exempted from the test because most have already passed it.]


    Update: I’m adding two more questions.


    If I say Dutch men are the tallest in the world, which of the following facts have I implied?


    1. I’m a racist.

    2. Every Dutch man is taller than every other man.

    3. I have a low opinion of women because I didn’t even mention them.

    4. None of the above

    If I say I invented a robot that can be used to help feed babies, quadriplegics, and some mentally handicapped people, what else have I implied?

    1. Quadriplegics are mentally handicapped.

    2. Babies are quadriplegics

    3. Mentally handicapped people are a bunch of babies

    4. I’m a socialist

    5. None of the above

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