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Real Donald Trump Quotes about Women

Real Donald Trump Quotes about Women

    Have you seen the anti-Trump video that features women quoting Donald Trump’s most offensive statements about women? 

    I just showed it to a woman. She thought it was funny. Apparently nothing that Trump says comes off as offensive to her. 

    The reason I checked with a woman is because I didn’t trust my own reaction. To me, the video looked like the most tone-deaf ad of all time. I would rank it as among the worst I have ever seen in terms of persuasion. I’m guessing it worked in Trump’s favor.

    On the 2D level of reality – where we pretend people are rational – the video makes perfect sense. The makers of the video figured women voters would not like a candidate that says bad things about women. That seems totally logical. I can see why they made the video.

    But on the 3D level of persuasion, what the viewer sees is several average-looking women in bad moods complaining about a guy being, well…  a guy. I assume men won’t be offended by the video because Trump is no more of a jerk than most men. And men probably don’t get a warm feeling from the judgmental, angry messengers in the video. That video looks like a huge fail to me.

    But I’m curious how other people react to it. In the comments, tell me your gender and your reaction to the video. Show the video to a coworker if you can, and watch the reaction.

    I predict that 85% of women and 95% of men simply think it is funny and they end up with a more positive image of Trump as a person who says whatever he is thinking. That quality has almost universal appeal on an interpersonal level.

    Am I wrong?

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