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Resetting the Movie in Your Head

Resetting the Movie in Your Head

    My coffee machine broke this morning, for no apparent reason. That’s a crisis situation. So I went to my emergency backup caffeine source of coconut water with espresso. I had to use tools to open the can because the tab ripped off without doing its job. That happened three cans in a row. I finally got into one with a hammer and screwdriver.

    Then my WiFi failed for no reason. But I got that working.

    Then my Airdrop stopped working. So I had to email myself a photo from my phone to my laptop. But that isn’t working either, for some reason.

    I tried to print something but my printer is out of ink.

    Then my Amazon affiliate account stopped working for no reason.

    Then my Reddit AMA set-up disappeared, or maybe it didn’t. So I might be on Reddit today at 12:30 EST answering Trump questions. Or not. Depends if every other thing in my house breaks in the next ten minutes.

    So far this morning, everything I have touched has broken.

    Based on a lifetime of experience – and I know how woo-woo this sounds – my devices malfunction when my stress is high. Unlike most of you, I don’t believe in an objective reality that humans can directly experience. I believe life – or our experience of it – is a movie we create in our heads. So to prevent more damage to the technology in my house, I will go relax for a few minutes. That will reboot my movie and make all my devices work once again.

    Nothing I said stands up to science, of course. But I’ve been doing this routine for years and my experience is that when I’m relaxed all of my problems go away on their own. I assume that is coincidence and confirmation bias. But the sensation is one of controlling my environment. And I like that feeling.

    I’ll be back in a few minutes. Everything will be fine by then.

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