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Robots Read News 15-20

Robots Read News 15-20

    While I wait for the link war to rage (see prior post), here are some new experimental comics. The Putin comics at the end are the best but he reappeared today and rudely ruined a promising humor set-up.

    In other news, a Berkeley-related start-up, Androgyny, is designing men’s clothing for women who prefer the menswear look but need it to fit a body that has boobs and whatnot. It might seem like a small market, but I’ll bet they quickly become known to 100% of the people who like the look. Don’t bet against this one.

    And Mitsubishi just tested a system for transmitting energy generated in space to the Earth. What???? The goal is to capture solar power in space, where it is unfettered by atmosphere, and beam the power to the surface of Earth. That’s a game-changer waiting to happen.


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