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Robots Read News – $17,000 Apple Watch

Robots Read News – $17,000 Apple Watch

    I posted this comic on Twitter a few minutes ago and already I can tell it will be the most retweeted content I have ever created.

    If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.


    Humor Dimensions: Cruel, clever, recognizable, bizarre (talking robot)

    Predicted Virality: High (already obvious). Reference to drinking games might inhibit sharing but only slightly because drinking is legal. Apple watch topic is in the headlines and top-of-mind this morning. And the comic probably says what folks are thinking, but says it better than they were thinking it (which is a key to sharing).

    My Twitter followers are 95% male, so a drinking games theme plus technology should be popular.

    ———— Today’s Top Tech Blog ————

    A computer so small you can inject it into your body and it will take photos. The ultimate selfie because, as Mom told you, it is what you have on the inside that counts.

    Lasers replace WiFi (within a room).

    Holographs you can “feel” with your hands. Holy crap.



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