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Robots Read News 27 – Donald Trump’s new project.

Robots Read News 27 – Donald Trump’s new project.

    If your firewall is blocking the image you can see it here on Twitter.


    Humor Dimensions: clever, mean, recognizable

    Predicted sharing: High

    This one has no naughty elements to prevent sharing. The political point is generic and will not cause divisions. Themes about people being dumb perform the best coming from me. Golf is another popular reason for sharing.

    Update on Viral Prediction: Sharing is lowest for any of the RRN series. My prediction was totally wrong. What I missed (but should have seen) is that my Twitter account is 95% guys. The single ones don’t get the joke and married ones are too smart to share it. How did I not predict that?


    In other news, have you heard of Graphene? It might change your world. Look at all it can do.

    And how well do computers recognize items in photographs? Not great yet, but that is changing quickly



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