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Robots Read News about British Politicians and Trump

Robots Read News about British Politicians and Trump

    If your firewall is being run by the British Government, see the image on Twitter here.

    Changing topics…

    My top-performing tweet of late predicts (indirectly) a Trump landslide if he runs agains Clinton. See if you recognize the tell before I describe it.

    The tell is the high number of likes (the heart icon) compared to retweets. In the Twitter world, this means men are THINKING this thought but are socially and economically prohibited from “endorsing” it with a retweet. This matches my prediction that once inside the voting booth, men will vote against Clinton’s sexism even if they like her policies. Identity beats reason.

    Politico is starting to seriously imagine a Trump win. See how they break it down by demographic. (And imagine this sort of story even existing two months ago.) They got most of it right but can’t come out and say “landslide” yet. That word will be more prevalent over the summer.

    I wrote a book about systems being better than goals. The book isn’t about Trump, but he is the ultimate “systems” player, and the best example you will ever see. If you already read my book, you might understand how easily I spotted Trump’s super powers. He built a persuasion portfolio by combining several ordinary skills into something that is extraordinary in sum. The media sees him as a collection of unimpressive skills. I see him as the sum of ordinary skills that fit together perfectly, by design. 

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