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Robots Read News – About California’s Drought

Robots Read News – About California’s Drought

    If your company firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.


    Humor Dimensions Used: (4) Recognition (current news), cleverness (oddity of water being expensive and oil being cheap, solution of moving robots to California), cruel (robots stealing a state from idiot humans), bizarre (talking robot, surfing robot)

    Predicted Sharing: Medium. Formulation is solid but California’s drought is somewhat local news.

    ———– Meanwhile, over on Top Tech Blog —————–

    Here comes the fingernail mouse pointer. This is the technology, along with the Internet of Things, that will usher in what I call the Era of Magic. That’s when you just wave your hand at stuff and it does what you want, like magic.

    If 3D printing keeps entering the mainstream, as in this Disney example, soon you will be able to print your own Dilbert character chess set. Alice is the queen, obviously. Asok is a pawn. Dogbert a knight. Dilbert a rook. Wally a bishop. Pointy-haired-boss is king?

    And I get excited every time someone invents a new way to make electricity out of sunlight. I don’t know what you accomplished this year, but I know I didn’t invent any new energy sources.


    Blah, blah, please read my book.

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